Monday, 17 January 2011

Hints and Tips

  • Cooked onions - i cook batches of extra onions and keep them in freezer bags to make a curry in a hurry
  • Tomato passata - as I would never use a whole carton in my cooking, i freeze the remainder in ice cube trays and once frozen put them in a freezer bag (i would normally use about 3 cubes to 1lb lamb
  • Green Masala - consits of garlic, ginger & chillies, which is peeled & crushed and kept in small tupperware in the freezer with a little oil
  • I freeze cooked rice in freezer bags
  • Most dishes i cook extra and freeze a batch or 2 for other days
  • Vagar is indian for tempering. Adding whole spices to hot oil for a couple of secs. Usually at the start of a dish, however, we do also use this method at the ending cooking to flavour as well.

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